ATF DEXRON-III Automatic Transmission Fluid



PIC ATF III is a superior quality automatic Transmission and power steering fluid. They are formulated from high quality solvent refined mineral base oils combined with shear stable viscosity index improvers. Selective addictive package to obtain anti-wear , auto-oxidant, anti-foam properties. These oils can also be used in automotive Transmissions, Hydraulic systems, power steering and certain manual transmissions.


Properties/Main Benefits:

  • Good frictional properties gives smooth shift performance.
  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
  • High temperature oxidation stability.
  • Long fluid Life.
  • Prompt circulation and effective lubrication at low temperature.



GM Dexron III
Allison C4
CAT –T02


Typical Characteristics:

Test typical
Color Red
Viscosity at 40˚C CST 34
Viscosity at 100˚C CST 7.2
Viscosity Index 170
Pour Point -40
Flush Point 190
Brookfield viscosity at 40,Mpa 20000