PIC BRAKO (Break Fluid)

Pic Brako (Break Fluid)



Pic Brako Break Fluid  is a premium glycol quality automotive Brake fluid meeting the specifications.

Pic Brako Break Fluid is generally used in disc and drums brake systems as well as clutch fluid meeting above standards.


Properties/Main Benefits:

  • Long volatility and low pour point ensure performance in normal temprature range.
  • Provides protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Compaitable with rubber seals.
  • Miscible with other approved glycol ether.
  • Good Braking response.
  • Reduces changes of vapour lock.

Typical Characteristics:

Density @ 20˚C 1.030
Appearance C & B
Viscosity at 40˚C CST 1200
Viscosity at 100˚C CST 1.90
ERBP ˚C(dry) 240
ERBP ˚C(wet) 145
pH value 9.0
Color Natural