PIC MAJOR-C (Heavy Duty Engine Oil)

PIC MAJOR-C (Heavy Duty Engine Oil)

API : CD/SF SAE : 50/SAE : 20W-50



These are premium quality diesel engine oils meeting the requirements of most diesel engines found in the market. They are suitable for naturally aspirated as well as Turbo-charged diesel engines where mid-performance level are stipulated.This family of oil is available in two different SAE grades.


Properties/Main Benefits:

  • Excellent protection against oxidation,rust and corrosion.
  • Reduced wear and deposits.
  • Very good viscosity stability in operation.
  • Exceptional engine cleanliness.



SAE : 50/SAE :20W-50
MIL-L : 2104-E/MIL-L : 46152B/C


Typical Characteristics:

SAE GRADE 50 20W-50
Viscosity at 40˚C CST 198 165
Viscosity at 100˚C CST 19.5 18.5
Viscosity Index 98 121
Pour Point -9 -9
Flush Point 240 230
TBN 8 8
Density at 15˚C kg/m3 0.903 0.819