SYN-X (Synthetic Motor Oil)

SYN X SAE-10W-40 Motor Oil

API : SM SAE : 10W-40



SYN X SAE-10W-40 Motor Oil   is a premium quality Fully-Synthetic engine oil for use where the highest level of performance required. It is a very high quality engine oil for modern high performance vehicles. PIC syn-X is used in all naturally aspirated, fuel injected turbo-charged and multivalve passenger cars light duty vehicles etc.


Properties/Main Benefits:

  • Excellent viscosity stability operation.
  • Excellent oxidation stability.
  • Highest possible engine protection under extreme operating conditions.
  • Longer drain interval.
  • Exceptional cold-start performance.
  • Low oil consumption.



ACEA : E2-96 ,A3-98, B3-98


Typical Characteristics:

SAE GRADE 10w-40
Viscosity at 40˚C CST 90
Viscosity at 100˚C CST 15
Viscosity Index 147
Pour Point -30
Flush Point 216
TBN 10
Density at 15˚C kg/m3 0.865